2 Burner vs. 3 Burner Gas Grill In 2021 – What is Right for You?

People often get stuck in deciding between 2 burner gas grills or 3 burner gas grills. Which one to buy? Are you a grill food lover? Do you also get stuck? Well, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss 2 burner vs. 3 burner gas grills, which will help you to buy the right gas grill burner. So read on!

What is a Gas Grill?

A gas grill is a cooking device that allows you to grill food like chicken, fish, vegetables, hamburgers, ribs, and steaks, and so on quickly and smoothly. Gas grills are quite simple to use and make cooking pretty easy.

Nowadays, they are so popular for the ease of use and convenience. Gas grills offer several benefits to you and are flooded in the market in a large number for their popularity. Based on the burner, you can buy 2, 3, 4, 5 burner gas grills.

2 Burners Vs. 3 Burners Gas Grill: What Is The Differences?

Almost all gas grill burners are designed with the same features, such as primary or secondary surface area, burners, BTUs, utensil hooks, stainless steel construction, and much more, whether it is 2 burners or 3 burners or other gas grills. But still, some differences differentiate between them. The main differences of 2 burner gas grill and 3 burner gas grill are discussed below:

2 Burner vs. 3 Burner Gas Grill


The more burners will give you the advantages of the more diversified grill, which means you can cook multiple items in a gas grill. For example, you can use a burner for a steak at a high rate while in others, you can roast some vegetables in low heat.

The 2 burner gas grill is featured only with two burners, whereas the 3 burner gas grill comes with the three burners that allow you to cook food faster in a short time and can save your valuable time.

Space Needs to Keep:

Before buying a gas grill, you need to consider the space where you will keep the gas grill. You have to give your gas grill enough space. Your gas grill should be kept at least 10 feet away from your home or garage or a tree branch or any other flammable structures.

A typical 3 burner gas grill needs a little extra space like 450 to 500 squares of the cooking area than the 2 burner gas grills that require 350 to 400. The 2 burner gas grills are suitable for any small grill rounds or are perfect for any small household. If you own a small space, then a 3 burner gas grill may not be suitable for you.

Indirect Cooking Ability:

Indirect cooking in a grill is a cooking technique used when someone wants to cook something that requires low temperatures and slow time. In this method, food is kept above the heat source or the burner side instead of directly over the flame.

For perfectly indirect cooking, the 3 burner gas grill is best. On the contrary, with the 2 burner gas grill, it is quite annoying and troublesome. Grills with three burners can achieve proper indirect cooking of delicate foods like fish and vegetables.

Cooking Performance:

People love to cook fast and are not much likely to spend time on the cook. A better gas grill will improve your cooking performance and help you to cook quickly in less time and thus save you time.

The 3 burner gas grill will offer you great and promptly cooking performance as it cooks food faster and in a short time than the 2 burner gas grill as it is featured with the 3 burners.

Cooking Surface:

Usually, people like to have a wide space area for cooking purposes and feel more comfortable there. And if you do love to cook and do it regularly, you may want to have a bigger cooking surface.

One of the best benefits that 3 burner gas grills come with is the folding shelves. It will offer you extra working space when you are cooking. It also allows you convenient storage as it can be folded. On the other hand,  2 burner gas grills offer you only a little grill area as it doesn’t have any folding shelves.

The Capacity of Grilling Food:

The number of burners in a gas grill determines your capacity for grilling food for a different number of people. The more burners mean you can cook more food at a time like you can use a burner for steak while in others you can roast vegetables and other foods.

For a medium and larger number of people, three burners will help you to cover the need, and if you are aiming for a small number of people, then 2 burners gas grill will be the best for you. For maximum use, you will need a three burner gas grill.

Which is Better for You and Why?

It is not easy to choose between 2 burners and 3 burner gas grills as both have their benefits and weaknesses. So it is good to know which burner will match your preferences and then buy that one.

If you own a smaller space, have a small family, and want to keep things simple, then the 2 burner gas grills are more than perfect for you at your tiny available space. But if you have a large space and do want to experience the faster cooking performance, then you can go for the 3 burner gas grill, which will provide you the utmost satisfaction and improve your grilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some questions regarding the gas grill. So, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions of people.

Do I need a side burner on my grill?

Yes, aside burner can be a beneficial feature and used for side dishes like cooking vegetables, sauces, and other small dishes. It also offers you the benefit of cooking food at different temperatures.

How long should a gas grill last?

On average, people in the USA throw their gas grill out after using only three years. But in reality, it often lasts between 5 to 10 years, depending on the level of care and maintaining the grill.

How many burners should a grill have?

Having more burners will give you the benefits of having a more diversified grill that means you can cook different items at different heat levels.

Final Thought

From the above discussion, we can say that both the 2 burner and 3 burner gas grills are best for any household and allows you to cook food without any hassle. So, it will not be easy to choose between 2 burners vs 3 burner gas grills as everything has both benefits and drawbacks.

To avoid the dilemma, you should consider the features of the gas grill and buy the one that has similarities with your preferences and fit your needs. Hopefully, this article about 2 burner vs. 3 burner gas grill will be helpful to you, and you can buy the right one for you.

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