Top 6 Best Infrared Grill Under 300 Reviews – Expert’s Guide 2021

If you are among the people who love grilling and chilling in their home, an infrared grill should be the perfect option for you. Maybe, you are a master or a beginner backyard chef; it doesn’t matter when you cook your food on an infrared grill. An infrared grill can entirely change your cooking experience and allows you to cook more succulent food.

Moreover, the infrared grill becomes more popular because it can heat up quickly and use less fuel than any other grill, but they are not as expensive as many people think. It does a great job of cooking your food faster without any hot and cold spots in your food. Today I will focus on some of the best infrared grill under 300. You can get them without having a burn hole through your pocket.

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GASPRO 1500℉ Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill, Black

Ivation Infrared Propane Broiler Tabletop Gas Grill 1500°F

Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

Simple Living Products Infrared Indoor Smokeless Grill

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

6 Best Infrared Grill Under 300 Reviews 2021

Now let’s start our discussion about some of the best infrared grill under 300. These infrared grills are very functional, and they can fulfill all of your demands.


1. GASPRO 1500℉ Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill

GASPRO 1500℉ Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill

This infrared cooking grill from Gaspro can produce up to 1500°F of incredible temperature. That is enough to cook any steak house quality steaks at two minutes per side. Moreover, this infrared grill uses liquid propane as its fuel. And this one is made of premium quality stainless steel. Besides any other functionality, its durable construction makes it one of the best infrared grill under 300.

Also, it comes with CSA certified durable construction, which makes it secure for use in any outdoor camping party. Overall, this infrared steak grill size is 9.3 x 30.7 x 16.3 inches, and its foldable dust proof panel makes it easier to use.

Besides, It comes with six notches to use for cooking different food at different temperatures. Separator heat zones are useful when cooking different food like meat, seafood, or vegetables. It has multiple fuel tank connection options, and you can use its front panel for temporary food holding.

GASPRO 1500 Features:

  • This infrared grill has a small and compact construction, which allows it to handle and store more efficiently.
  • It comes with six notches option for cooking food at different temperatures.
  • The GASPRO has an easy to start electronic ignition, and the infinite control burner valve provides precious heat control.
  • Its fast warm-up feature makes it very convenient and allows the user to cook more delicious food in a short time.
  • This infrared grail comes with a unique design that allows users multiple fuel tank connection options.

2. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill, Black

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill, Black

If you are looking for an infrared gas grill compact in design and needs less space to accommodate, this one is perfect for you. This Char-Broil infrared grill can fit on most balconies, and it has space to cook enough food for four-person. It can produce a lot of heat with less fuel than any other infrared grill.

Besides, its electronic ignition and gas control knob makes it easy to control the temperature as you want. Its porcelain-coated steel cooking grate makes it durable and long-lasting for good food preparation.

Moreover, this infrared gas grills primary cooking space is 240 sq. inches and has 80 sq. inches of secondary cooking area. The above features make this infrared very user-friendly and one of the best infrared gas grill under 300.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Features:

  • This grill can produce 13,000 BTU of heat from its burners to cook meat or vegetable even faster.
  • Its unique infrared cooking system can keep your food moist and juice for a better test.
  • This gas grill comes with two wheels and towel bars to hold tools and additional accessories.
  • This one is the perfect size gas grill for a small family and any intimate setting.
  • Its compact design needs less maintenance, and mobility makes it easy to move.

3. Ivation Infrared Propane Broiler Tabletop Gas Grill 1500°F

Ivation Infrared Propane Broiler Tabletop Gas Grill 1500°F

This Ivation infrared gas grill is another versatile grill with many user-friendly features. Also, it has a table-top compact design to store in a balcony or garage. This rugged gas grill can produce 1500°F temperature and 10,000 BTU with each burner. Therefore you’ll be able to make any types of delicious steaks in only 120 seconds.

It can use any low-pressure butane, LPG & propane gas cylinders as its fuel. Moreover, you can fire up this grill with an automatic battery-powered ignition system. Also, it has an easy control knob that can give you maximum temperature control for preparing your food.

The overall construction of this gas grill is very durable, and the whole structure is made of durable food-grade stainless steel. You can get two removable grill racks, a drip tray, a protective cover & a shelf hook. Besides, its convertible built-in warming tray can keep your food hot before serving.

Ivation Infrared Propane Features:

  • Almost every housing part of this gas grill is made of durable food-grade stainless steel materials to resist rust.
  • It can heat up quickly with any standard fuel, for example, low-pressure butane, LPG, and propane.
  • This gas grill has a removable top pan for keeping cooked food hot; also,grills it is removable and easier to clean.
  • The Ivation infrared gas grill is very portable to move outside and cook easily.
  • It is very easy to assemble and needs less maintenance and cleaning for long-lasting use.

4. Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

This Char-Broil infrared grill stands out from others because it doesn’t need gas or charcoal as its fuel. It is an electric-powered TRU infrared grill. So it is effortless to operate and takes less effort than any other grill.

Moreover, it comes with 320-square-inches of cooking space and heats up quickly. It is equipped with a porcelain-coated cooking grate, and the rust-resistant warming rack is very easy to clean. Also, it has a lid-mounted temperature gauge. All these unique feature combinations make it one of the top rated infrared grills in the market.

Besides, it’s removable grates integrated control knob offer more tender, juicy, and delicious foods always. This electric grill’s overall size is 26.00 x 24.20 x 38.50 inches, and it is a very lightweight and compact design to store it in any limited space.

Char-Broil 20602109 Features:

  • This grill provides evenly heat across all around the food for more juicy and delicious food every time.
  • Its porcelain cooking grate and TRU-infrared technology prevent flare-ups.
  • This grill has a large cooking space and convincing design that adds mobility to this electric grill.
  • The grill has a lightweight construction with durable materials, so it needs minimum maintenance.
  • It is a perfect size infrared grill for accommodating any home party, feast, or small gathering.

5. Simple Living Products Infrared Indoor Smokeless Grill

Simple Living Products Infrared Indoor Smokeless Grill

This Simple Living infrared is a virtually smokeless indoor grill. It is equipped with a sophisticated infrared grilling system and reflectors to guide heat directly to the cooking grid. So it takes less time to cook food evenly, and drip trays remain cool that prevent forming smoke.

Besides, It doesn’t need heat adjustment to heat it up when needed. It can get optimal heat faster than others and so you can cook or sear your meat, fish, or vegetable greatly juicy but tender inside. This electrically powered grill can produce up to 446°F temperature without any hot and cold spots.

Moreover, this indoor grill takes less than one minute to set up, and you can clean its grid either by wipe or use a dishwasher to clean it properly. Its lightweight construction and non-slip feet remain steady in one place.

Simple Living Features:

  • It has high heat searing that locks juices and flavors to cook more tasty food.
  • This grill’s special reflectors can guide the heat directly to food so that you can get juicy and tender food in a short time.
  • It has a 14″ x 8″ non-stick grilling surface that is large enough for any small family or party.
  • You can take this infrared grill on any of your camping or road trips to get a smoke-free authentic BBQ meal whenever you need it.
  • All of this component is removable, and you can clean it up with any dishwasher.

6. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This is one of the best portable infrared grill from Char-Broil. It is a TRU-infrared grill with sturdy construction, portability, and high heat performance makes it stand out from others. This infrared grill uses 1lb propane tanks as fuel. You can connect the gas tank directly to the side of the grill.

Besides, this infrared grill is made of durable die-cast aluminum. The lid can lock tightly, and its legs and handle are very sturdy. Moreover, its high impact frame, push-button ignition makes it very functional. Its 200 square inches of grilling space provide enough space for grilling steak, burgers, and many more.

Also, It is a travel-friendly infrared grill so that you can grill either tailgating, camping, or on the beach. Its evenly heat feature can give you more tasty and delicious food, and its lightweight construction makes it very easy to move when you need it.

Char-Broil Grill2Go Features:

  • It has a TRU-Infrared cooking system that eliminates flare-ups when you are cooking.
  • This grill is equipped with 200 sq. inches cooking space steel grates for a more fast cooking experience.
  • Its high-impact frame can prevent any shock or falling damage, so you can grill whither you want.
  • It comes with a lid-mounted temperature gauge to monitor and control the temperature, so you don’t have to struggle for accurate temperature.
  • This gas grill is durable and compact in design, so it needs less effort to carry or move around.

How Do You Use an Infrared Grill?

Using any infrared grill to cook is not a very hard job. Infrared grills use a grid to heat food directly. So it takes a lesser amount of time to cook food properly. It is very simple if you know how to operate a grill. Before starting cooking with an infrared grill, make sure that the fuel or electric line is checked and free from leakage.

Now turn on the fuel valve and ignite it using the ignition knob or any other option built-in. If your grill starts heating up, just wait a few moments and let it warm up properly.

When your grill is ready to cook, you can use the control knob to maintain the proper temperature. Many infrared grills come with additional warming space to keep your prepared food warm. You can use this before serving your food. To learn more about Infrared Cooking Work, check it out.

Which Are the Key Benefits of Infrared Grills Over Traditional Grills?

Many people think that infrared grills are the perfect solution for grilling any food. An infrared grill can heat the food directly where a traditional grill heats the air first. Besides, infrared grills can produce evenly heat to cook food faster.

Also, an infrared grill can provide uniform heat and reduce flare-ups, where traditional grills fail most of the time. There is a lot of difference between any infrared grill and traditional grills. Now, I will define some of the advantages of infrared grills.

Faster Cooking Time:

The main advantage of having an infrared grill is they produce heat faster than any other traditional grills. Any infrared grill can heat 700 degrees F. in a short time. And it allows a user to cook food quicker and need less time to stand near the grill.

Less Fuel Use:

An infrared grill uses radiation to cook food. Any infrared grill can heat directly and need less effort to cook food properly. Besides, any infrared grill can cook 30% faster than a traditional grill, so it takes less fuel to premier food.

Better Heat Distribution:

Any traditional grill produces heat inconsistencies, So sometimes it can be of cause overcooked or less cooked food. But an infrared grill can heat evenly that prevents flare-ups, so there is no chance to form any hot or cold spot while cooking.

Tasty Food:

An infrared grill uses radiation for cooking food. So there is less chance to dry out your food. Infrared use its radiation to penetrate food’s moisture barrier, so food nutrition and fluids retain intact. Because of the cooking process, food becomes more delicious and juicy.

Easy to clean:

Any infrared grills are very easy to clean. You just need to remove the grates and wipe out or use a brush to clean it properly. On the other hand, traditional grills become dirtier; it is very difficult to clean them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will try to answer some of the most common frequently asked questions about infrared grills. You may find some correct information about infrared grills from this section.

Is infrared cooking bad for your health?

Any infrared grill uses electromagnetic energy to cook food properly. But an infrared grill does not have enough power to alter or damage the DNA of food proteins. So it is safe for our health.

Are infrared grills hard to clean?

No. Cleaning any infrared grill is very easy to clean. After completing cooking, you can clean your infrared grill by increasing heat and closing the lid. After ten to fifteen minutes, this should turn any remaining food debris to ash, Now let it be cold and remove ashes with any nylon brush or use a blower.

Can you use aluminum foil on the infrared grill?

It is not recommended to use foil in any infrared grill. If you warp your food with any foil, it won’t set properly. So it is unnecessary to use any aluminum foil on an infrared grill.

Can you smoke on an Infrared grill?

Yes, you can. But you have to do it carefully. Sometimes it can cause your grill damage if you do not follow the user guide properly.

Can you convert a regular gas grill to infrared?

Yes, you can convert your existing grill to an infrared grill. But you have to buy infrared grill replacement grates from the market or online.


Check Out The Overview on Some of the Best Infrared Grill Under 300


In conclusion, many people think an infrared grill is more expensive than regular ones. We tried to focus on some of the best infrared grill under 300. We picked and tested many infrared grills from the various price ranges. But our chosen grills are very durable and functional.

If you cannot pick one and need infrared grills, we recommend you go for GASPRO 1500℉ Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill. It produces enough heat to make steakhouse quality steak in only two minutes. Moreover, it is the perfect combination price and feature in an affordable range.


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