What Are Some Common Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions?

Imagine you go on a family picnic on holiday and plan for cooking on an outdoor cooking machine. You carry your favorite Blackstone Burners to prepare your favorite dishes on launch. Then you found your Blackstone burner problem with a griddle-like Heating Problem. Searching Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions on the internet may not give you instant results. However, being concerned about the issue and having a little bit of knowledge about the solution can sometimes solve your problem.

A Griddle in Blackstone is the most workable and needed part. It connects with the propane tank and absorbs the temperature, and helps to heat the cooking surface. That’s why problems with griddle can entirely ruin once outdoor planning. So, here we come with the most common griddle problem and their possible solution. Stick with us with patience.

Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions

A griddle is a flat cooking surface with a heat source underneath, and it can be in three formats. The Griddle is made with non-stick or cast iron. To ease your outdoor cooking, Blackstone Griddle comes with four essential parts: a Flat Top, Grease Collector, Burners, and Heat Control. Since it has versatile use and highly praised equipment, it’s normal to run into some problems.

Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions

It is essential to identify the exact problem before a solution. So if you find any problem with the griddle, the basic instinct you need to do is check the regulator first. Sometimes the problem with the regulator hinders propane gas outage from the Gas Grill. Gas Grill for Ocean Air sometimes just needs to fix the regulator connection to ensure a constant gas ratio from the cylinder.

In this section, we will discuss four common problems of Blackstone Griddle that most people frequently face. Let’s know their solutions also.

1. Problem: Griddle Top is Warping

Because Griddles are built from steel, the metal will expand when heating or cooling. It can make your grill wrap a little. The expandation of metal is common for the first time, but it may be flattening out when you use your griddle more. It suggested cooking on Blackstone Griddle 10 times to match metal contracting and expanding. But, many people think it’s annoying. If the Griddle Top is constantly warping, it may cause the bad performance of your Blackstone Griddle. That is why you may need to substitute the top.

Griddle Top is Warping

Solution for Warping:

  • Evade the use of cold food into the hot griddle top
  • When cooking chilled food on Griddle, avoid preheating.
  • Use less water when cleaning the griddle. Use a squeeze bottle to clean the griddle’s sticky parts.

2. Problem: Griddle not Getting Hot

There is a specific reason behind your Griddle isn’t getting hot. The most common cause is a defective regulator, the problem with the air gate. In Griddle, a regulator is a conductor that ensures propane gas release when the propane tank is left on. Sometimes problems with air gates disable the flow of gas ratio also. It may happen due to the loss of the silver screw. In most cases, a faulty regulator is responsible for the Griddle heating problem.

Solution of Griddle Not Heating

  • Reset the regulator and hook up it back to the propane tank.
  • Tighten the silver screw, which controls the gas ratio.
  • In case of a defective regulator, Buy a New Regulator.

3. Problem: Griddle Top is Peeling

One of the main causes of Griddle Peeling is seasoning. When you are seasoning in a drying condition, the layer of metal is removed from the cooking surface. Using too much hot water and cold water during cleaning also causes peeling. If you don’t season your griddle properly after buying the Blackstone burners, it needs further seasoning. When you cook on the griddle surface for a long time, there may produce a layer of oil that attaches to the surface.

Griddle Top is Peeling

Solution of Griddle Peeling

  • Monthly seasoning with bacon fat or with griddle stone.
  • Avoid heating the griddle during initial seasoning.
  • Use metal-edge scraper during first and every seasoning.

4. Problem: Rusting the Top of the Griddle

Due to rust, it is common for Blackstone Griddle to be reddish-brown. Water and oxygen, when contacting the griddle, will be responsible for developing rust. Since Griddle is made with cast iron, reaching it with water and oxygen may cause severe rusting. The problem of rusting can change the taste of the food. Therefore, getting rid of this problem is necessary.

Rusting the Top of the Griddle

Solution of Rusting the Griddle

  • To protect seasoning use a layer of oil.
  • Use a stiff scraper and a little bit of water during cleaning.
  • Before seasoning, ensure all equipment is chemical-free.

How To Seasoning a Griddle

The best way to solve the problem of Blackstone Griddle is to season it before using the new one. Also seasoning back after a regular period prevents the further problem of Blackstone Griddle. Actually, seasoning is a process of cleaning the Griddle and getting rid of the layer that is bonded with the steel surface. Only a protective layer can provide a naturally stick-resistant surface and that’s why seasoning is important.

How To Seasoning a Griddle

Follow below steps to seasoning your Blackstone Griddle

Step 1: Wash your griddle with soap and water if you are seasoning for the first time.

Step 2– Choose an oil that consists of fatty acids and suits to coat your grill.

Step 2: Turn the burners into the highest temperature and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 4: Mix 30 to 44 ml of oil over the griddle surface.

Step 5: Rub every edge, side, and corner of the griddle with the oil mix.

Step 6: Wait for 15 to 30 minutes to smoke the oil mix at the temperature.

Step 7: Turn the Griddle of and let it cool for 15 minutes.

Step 8: Heat and Coat your griddle 1 to 4 times until it becomes dark brown.

Step 9: Wipe the Griddle surface with a paper towel and cooking oil to finish the seasoning.


A Blackstone Griddle is an exciting and versatile addition on backward or in the outdoor kitchen. To make delicious food and ensure hassle-free cooking your griddle should be in the right condition. Only seasoning the griddle, cleaning it with Grill & Griddle Kit, and regular maintenance can ensure its good performance during outdoor cooking.

We hope knowing Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions will be helpful for you to identify the problem. Also knowing their simple solution and taking precautions can save your time. For further problems, you can contact customer service and also let us know by commenting below.

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