Can You Convert Natural Gas Grill to Propane 2021

When buying a grill, there are different options that you can choose from depending on the type of fuel you want. You can choose a charcoal grill, natural gas, and propane. What if you moved to a new place and find they have a propane line? Can you convert natural gas grill to propane? Of course, you can, but you need to be careful.

Propane offers many benefits because it is easy to find in many gas stations. Additionally, it is also portable hence making it a perfect choice for camping and other outdoor activities. Read on to find more information.

Can You Convert Natural Gas Grill to Propane?

Can you convert natural gas grill to propane? It is possible to achieve this is you follow a few steps. But first, you need to ensure that there are ample volume and pressure to get the job done. Here are some simple steps that will help you do that safely.

Can You Convert Natural Gas Grill to Propane

Is your gas grill convertible?

You need to check if your gas grill allows conversion. All this information is available in the user manual provided when buying the grill. If you don’t find the manual, you can look for a conversion kit.

Switch off the natural gas supply

After getting the conversion kit, the next thing is to turn off the natural gas supply and then disconnect the gas line. If there are front and side panels, take them off so that you can have an easy time accessing the inner parts of the BBQ.

You should also remove gas valves, regulators, and orifices and replace them with those that are compatible with propane. Fit them tightly to avoid leaks in the future.

Check for leaks

You should ensure there are no leaks on the connections. You can test for leaks using soapy water. Switch on the gas supply, but do not turn on the burner. Pour the soapy water in small amounts along with the connections. If you find some bubbles, this indicates leaks. Therefore, you need to tur off the main supply and tighten the connections. Do the same test again until you see no more bubbles.

How to Convert Natural Gas to Propane?

Quite a several people do not know that propane is a raw part of natural gas. Natural gas contains different gasses, which include propane, methane, ethane, and butane. Therefore, propane is separated from the rest of the gasses in processing facilities.

How to Convert Natural Gas to Propane

So, how can you convert natural gas to propane? Doing this can be simple, but in other cases, you might require professional help. Here are some simple steps that will help you convert an appliance from natural gas to propane.

Step 1

Switch off the gas supply and then disconnect electrical power. Take out the screws holding the door so that you can remove the door tool. After that, it disconnects the electrical wires.

Next, please take out the flame sensor wires and the rollout switch and then manifold the pipe to make it easy to reach the gas control valve. Remove the screw on the regulator adjustment cap to remove the spring and the pressure regulator.

Step 2

Put a new spring inside the control valve and then screw the pressure regulator adjustment screw. After installing it, rotate the regulator screw clockwise and put o-ring in the replaced adjustment. Remove the old orifices and install new ones from the kit. Also, remove the screws that hold the burner.

Step 3

Slide the burner assembly carefully and then take out the screws that keep the air in place. Next, screw the spoiler screws in each burner until they are even with the burner. Replace the burner assembly as well as the top air shield. Connect the electrical wires in the gas valve, then roll out the frame sensor and the switch. After that, put the burner access door.

Next, attach the propane gas connection and adjust the input rate. You have successfully converted your natural gas to propane.

Benefits of Converting Natural Gas Grill to Propane

Converting from natural gas to propane can be as a result of house shifting or personal decision.  Regardless of the reason, there are several benefits that you will enjoy using propane.

The main benefits that you will get when converting a natural gas grill to a propane grill are portability. It is easy to relocate your grill to different places, unlike when using natural gas.

Second, propane burns hotter as compared to natural gas, which is essential for grilling. Users also love propane because it is environment-friendly since no carbon dioxide, lead, and other harmful substances are produced. Additionally, refilling propane tanks is easy because they are available in many hardware.

Propane is also efficient because you need half the propane amount compared to natural gas to get a similar heating level. This makes propane a perfect choice for home appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural gas and propane interchangeable?

Most home appliances either use propane or natural, but the two are not interchangeable. This is because propane and natural gas require unique fittings.

Is natural gas less expensive than propane?

Propane comes at a higher price than natural gas; however, this varies in different places. In some areas, propane costs less. But the two are less expensive as compared to electricity.

Does natural gas or propane burn hotter?

Propane in gaseous state burns hotter and higher than natural gas. Since natural gas is cooler most of it is burned to produce heat. But the heat the barbecue produces should be similar whether you are using natural gas or propane.

Final Thoughts

Can you convert natural gas grill to propane? Converting natural gas grill to propane is easy, as you can see above. You need to follow the right instructions provided in your manual. Whether you want to enjoy propane fuel for its efficiency, portability, and other benefits, the above tips will help you convert successfully.

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