Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Your Gas Grill Now!!

Char Broil ignitor button is a necessary button because it helps a quick and easy start-up. Generally, Char Broil Gas Grill uses a piezo starter or a piezo ignition. This piezo ignition became very common in all gas-fired appliances because it works without an outside power source to spark. In Char Broil a spark generator uses the voltage out of a battery to generate a spark.

However, there are some possible reasons behind the Char-Broil ignitor not working. Like improper wire connection, because of a dead battery and due to the ignitor module failed. Though the ignitor is connected with the start-up, therefore, Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting is a must in order to start it. So, without moving around here and there, stick with us to know the troubleshooting method without further ado.

What Are Sign of the Ignitor Is Bad

Before starting the Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting process you need to identify where the actual problem is. Because you need to sort out a couple of things before troubleshooting it. There are a lot of things you need to check earlier you blame the ignitor. First of all focus on Char-broil gas grill user manual as there is a different troubleshooting method based on model. Check the tank whether it is full of fuel and the main valve is open too at the same time.

What Are Sign of the Ignitor Is Bad

The position of the battery in the ignitor is also responsible for it not working. The positive and negative anode needs to be placed in the right place to run it perfectly. Sometimes leakage with electrode wire creates obstacles during spark and your Char-Broil fails to start up. Attaching moisture in the ignitor module may also be the sign of the ignitor in the bed condition.

Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting

Char Broil ignitor troubleshooting is not a complex job after identifying the problem. Here in below, we give prevention and solution for three major causes. Because in most of the cases ignitor problem raises for those problems.

Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting

Problem 1: No Sparks Appear When the Ignition Button Is Pushed & Create No Noise

The essential part of a grill ignition is spark module, collector box, electrode, and wires. Here the collector box holds the electrode in place. The battery spark may come with a switch or it has a plug that works as a trigger switch. If you hear a regular clicking noise then it means your spark module is in good condition. Here piezo makes a hard snap. This type of ignition is usually seen in Char Broil Classic 4 Burner Gas Grill and Vikings Grills.

No Sparks Appear When the Ignition Button Is Pushed & Create No Noise


If you see a problem with the sparking module then it may be for the battery isn’t installed properly or because of a dead battery. Sometimes because button assembly does not install in a proper way also causes a problem with a spark module.


  • Install the Battery in the correct way. Make sure positive and negative connectors are placed in a proper way.
  • Replace the battery with a new Aaa-Alkaline Battery.
  • Extract button cap assembly and reinstall it and make sure it is fully engaged.
  • In case of a faulty spark replace it with a New Spark Module.

Problem 2: No Sparks Appear When the Ignition Button Is Pushed But Make Noise

In the ignitor, the collector box has two types of functionalities. At first, it provides a surface to produce electricity in the ignitor crystal. Second, it behaves like an open container that collects gas to supply a good medium for combustion. In the meantime, we push the ignitor button, with the help of electrode jumps it sends electricity from the collector box to the electrode. That produces a spark and makes noise and starts your gas grill.

No Sparks Appear When the Ignition Button Is Pushed But Make Noise

In case of making noise by your ignitor, it may be for output lead connections not connected properly. Sometimes it is for electrode tip is not in the proper position. Because output connections are off and not tight this problem may happen also.


  • Extract all output connection modules and electrodes.
  • The tip of the electrode needs to be placed pointing toward the tip of the collective box.
  • The distance should between 1.8” to 3.16”

Problem 3: Spark Present But Not At All Electrodes In Full Strength

Sparking but all electrodes are not in full strength, problems happen due to output lead connection. And for arcing to grill away from the burner. Due to placing a gas grill in the dark palace, this problem may arise. Operating ignition system and looking for arcing between grill frame and output wires. This problem may happen also for a spark slow rate. Attaching moisture in the accumulated electrode is also responsible for this problem.

Spark Present But Not At All Electrodes In Full Strength


  • Extract all output connection at electrodes and module
  • In the case of wire insulation damage, replace wires.
  • Replace the ignitor battery with a new AAA-size.


Our best advice to people is maintenance is the key. Cleaning your gas barbeque grill will give you years of safety. You can clean your grillz by yourself or can get help from a local grill cleaning professional. At least once a year you should maintain your Gas Grill in order to run it without any trouble. If you do that you need to worry about Char Broil Ignitor Troubleshooting.

Because regular maintenance will save your money and time also. If you find our article beneficial, don’t forget to share it with your friends who have another Char-Broil grills. Thanks for reading our article with patience.

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