Charcoal Vs. Propane Grill: Which Is Better For 2021

The first main benefit of having a propane grill is the ability to reach a higher temperature and control it precisely, making it obvious to decide between charcoal vs. propane grill. There are lots of benefits to the charcoal grill too, but you should decide after reading this article.

With a propane grill, you will also not have to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining it like the charcoal one. However, there are some possibilities of getting leaks of small accidents regarding propane grills. Now, let’s jump right into the decision and decide which one to choose for better grilling.

Charcoal Vs. Propane Grill: Is Charcoal Or Propane Grill Better?

Based on the fuel source, you can divide the grill models into 2 where one is a propane grill, and another is a charcoal grill. Knowing the pros and cons of both types, you will be able to understand which one is better and why.

charcoal vs. propane grill

2 burners vs. 3 burners

It is a simple choice where you will have to go for the one according to your requirements. If you are planning for a bigger gathering of more than 8/9 people, go for the 3-burner and choose 2-burner for a smaller group. Now, let’s talk about the main differences between a charcoal grill and a propane grill.

The first comparison you can do is on the temperature, and a charcoal grill can reach a high temperature. On the other hand, some propane grills can go even higher temperatures, but the main advantage of it is the ability to control it. You can maintain a precise temperature in a propane grill, which is not possible in the other one.

After getting the grills delivered in your location in boxes, you will have to spend less time assembling a charcoal grill. It is because there are more parts in a gas grill to channel the gas and regulate it.

One can top that disadvantage by seeing the fact that a gas grill can reach the cooking temperature almost instantly. On the other hand, a charcoal grill can take up to 15 or 20 minutes to get to your desired cooking temperature.

A person might argue that the per-hour fuel cost in the gas grill is much higher than the charcoal one. But the facts beg to differ from that argument, and it shows that one hour of cooking in a propane grill can cost you about $1.5 where the equivalent cooking power costs about $4.3 on a charcoal grill.

Another thing that is a severe concern for grilled-food lovers is the maintenance of the machine. If you are a busy person, you will love to have a propane grill because cleaning the grates only can be enough. But charcoal grills need more than that, and you will have to regularly clean the charcoal tray and place it before grilling again.

Some people love charcoal grill over anything because of the Smokey taste that you won’t get from a propane grill, and it is understandable. However, different sauces can get you a Smokey flavor, and it is close to the real thing.

After many research studies, scientists have found out that charcoal-grilled foods can possess carcinogens, which may lead to cancer. Having it once or twice in a month or 6-months is no big deal, but doing it too often can cause serious issues.

The propane grill is more convenient than the charcoal one, even if you take it while camping. It is because all you will need is a lighter and a bottle of propane for long hours of grilling. But it would take a large bag of coal to get the same amount of cooking time.

Moreover, propane gas grills come with a lot of different accessories and side burners so that you can make the cooking quick to join the party. Charcoal grills don’t have that option, and some are recommending the hybrid grills to overcome this con.

Some worry about the safety concerns of gas grills, and it is a fact that people get hurt a lot from the gas grills. But that happens due to the lack of taking proper steps, and you can get hurt from a charcoal grill for the same reasons.

Why Cooking With Propane Is Better Than Charcoal Grill?

For certain reasons, a propane grill is better than a charcoal grill, and people with hours of grilling experience agree on the topic. You have already seen the comparisons above, and we think that it is clear with all the evidence.

If not for the Smokey taste, you would go for the gas grill and get to enjoy the easiness of making a grill. Charcoal grills can take more time to maintain and clean than the gas grill making the propane one more convenient and a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask a lot of questions regarding charcoal vs. propane grill, and let’s answer some of the most frequent ones below.

Are charcoal grills safe?

Maintaining some safety measurements, we can say that charcoal is pretty safe, and you can use it for a party in your backyard.

How long will a charcoal grill stay hot?

As long as you feed charcoal to the grill, you will be able to keep it hot for cooking, making it easier to use outdoors.

Are propane grills healthy?

Yes, propane grills are healthier compared to the charcoal grill, as scientists have found carcinogens in foods cooked in a charcoal grill.

Are propane grills toxic?

After some studies, it is found that propane grills can produce PAHs and HCAs, but that doesn’t make propane grills toxic.

Watch Out the Discussion Whether It is Healthier to Grill With Propane or Charcoal

Final Thought

So, you should know that propane grill is the clear winner in this charcoal vs. propane grill battle, and you have seen the reasons. If you can’t resist the Smokey taste, a charcoal grill can provide, you can choose one.

But you should know all the disadvantages you will have with a charcoal grill, and even if you own one, don’t use it too often. It is because the carcinogen can lead to cancer by having charcoal-grilled food too often.

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