Different Types Of Gas Grills – Which One Do You Want 2021?

Is there any smell better than a sizzling steak inside a grill, and you’re waiting to bite it? Maybe not! Summer is ahead, and if you don’t have a grill to make it a fun season with your family and friends, it’s time to get one. If you’re planning to get a grill and did some research, chances are, you’ve been through an impossible maze lately.

Well, there will be dozens of ways to categorize different grill types and hundreds of options while shopping for one. Getting the right type of grill can be a hell of a decision war because perhaps you’re going to stick with it for the next decade or more. Stick to the article if you’re wondering about different types of gas grills and planning to get one for the first time.

Different Types Of Gas Grills

Depending on different regions, fuel options, or even esthetics and purposes, there are multiple options for grills. Here are the most common grill types that you can go for and not regret getting otherwise for years to come:


Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the most common type of grill that has been here for a long time and has a traditional vibe to it. It’s the first type of grill you will consider getting when it comes to choosing a BBQ grill. The reason why the charcoal grills are so popular is their ability to add a rich smokey flavor and aroma to the food. However, the charcoal grill’s downside is the overconsumption of fuel; the charcoal tends to consume faster. You have to keep a reserve of fuel for sure, and you’ll learn how to grill efficiently with less fuel over time, though!

Propane/Natural Gas Grills

The gas-fueled grills are probably the biggest competitor to the charcoal grills because they are much easier to operate. You will find propane grills much more comfortable than the charcoal grills, especially if you’re new to the game. Furthermore, when it takes a long time for learning the manipulation of the heat of a charcoal grill, it can be a piece of cake with a propane grill. You don’t have to pay all your time handling the fuel on the burner with a gas grill. On top of that, it can be a real deal when you can save a ton of time to heating or making a small steak by avoiding the charcoal.

Dual Fuel/Hybrid Grills

If you’re already calling it even more confusing, stand down, you have a solution now. It’s much easier to use a propane or natural gas grill, but it’s heartbreaking when you have to sacrifice the smokey flavor and aroma on the steak. Get a hybrid grill to get them both; a much easier grilling experience and a better smell to the food. You will get a separate smoker section on the grill to treat the completed grills to add the smokey flavor you’re trying to achieve with the hybrid grill.

Electric Grills

Probably the easiest type of grill to explain is the electric grill as they work almost the same as a heater. You can get two different variants of the electric grills; the 120 volts and the 220 Volts. The 120 Volt grills will be much compact and smaller if you’re concerned about the size and storability. These grills are deliberately easier to use as they are just plugged and play. As they don’t need any extra fuel like gas or charcoal, they have a much easier cleaning process. However, you have to sacrifice the smokey flavor and aroma on the steak if you’re fond.

Infrared Grills

The name may seem super futuristic, but they promptly use the same principle of the regular grilling methods. If you’re Ok with sacrificing the smokey flavor to the food, you can go for the infrared grill instead of the electric one. The infrared grills are much better at evenly cooking the food where the others may get flair-ups and uneven cooking. An infrared grill will heat up pretty much quicker than any other grill types and will have no flair-ups. The heat is so high and quick that I suggest you not to get one if you’re planning to grill thin fishes or small veggies on it.

Portable Grills

If you’re planning to go outside on tour or camping, it’s time to get a portable grill for the next shopping. These grills are usually charcoal but come with a much smaller form factor and a compact design. All the grill types I’ve mentioned above don’t have the mobility you want for a remote BBQ party.

Open Pit

Talking of remote camping, it’s not quite a grill for sure, but it’s worth noting that you can still make a delicious BBQ party without a grill, too. You can use an open pit to make your grills, which can be as big as you want! It’s an idea of roasting the steaks, veggies, or anything else on a massive pit fire made with the lumbers and other firewoods. You can hang the steaks, or use some rods to roast the food on the fire.

How To Choose A Gas Grill?

Although there are too many options for a grill, the key purpose is to burn the steak or a bunch of vegetables with it. Here are the main considerable things that you must keep in mind before you choose your next gas grill:

How to choose a gas grill

  • Natural or propane: Propane gas grills will allow you to refill the tanks where a 2-pound tank can give you over 25 hours of grilling time. The natural gas grills will come with half the propane price, but there is no refilling with it.
  • Built-in or Portable: If you get a built-in gas grill, using natural gas is the best option for saving money. Although you can use propane, that you should go for if you need portability to the griller.
  • Flat-top or grates: There are two options for the grill-top: you can get a flat surface or a traditional grate design. The flat designs may not give you the esthetics of grate marks on the steak, but they will do the job just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about different types of gas grills that you might have an interest in:

Is cooking on a gas grill bad for you?

You can cook on a gas grill just fine, and it’s much healthier than the charcoal grill option. It also has less headache of cleaning the ashes from the bottom of the grill.

Is a gas grill healthier than charcoal?

Cooking on a gas grill is healthier than cooking on a charcoal grill because the charcoal grill has some bad reputation of emitting PHAs, which apparently is a carcinogen.

How long should a gas grill last?

If you take good care of a gas grill, it can last you anywhere between 5 to 15 years. You must use it properly and keep it safe from bad weather when it’s not in use, though!

Final Thought

Buying your first grill can be a daunting job because there are too many options to consider, and there are also different fuel options. Although there are different types of gas grills, you can categorize the selection and get the right grill for yourself.

If you’re getting the grill only for camping and need more portability, get a portable grill that you can also use as a Pellet Grill. However, if you need the home-based grill, get a gas grill for better enjoyment with the guests. Now, only because you want the ease of the gas grill doesn’t mean you can’t expect the flavor! Get a separate smoker or a dual-fuel grill to get the aroma and the flavor on the food.

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