Flat Top Grill Vs Regular Grill – What Makes The Perfect Burger In 2021?

Summer is here, and it’s high time for grilling and house parties with the American vernacular food tradition, burgers. If you’re a grilling enthusiast, there is a high chance that you have heard professional griller folks praising the griddles over grills. Well, there are enough debates between the regular and flat top grills to put you on an irresistible confusion.

If you’re planning to get your first griller and confused between flat top grill vs regular grill, it’s not going to be easy. There are a variety of aspects to consider before you choose one above another. Stick to the article to know the differences between the flat top grills and the regular grills to select the one for your next party.

What Is A Flat Top Grill?

To put you on a quick perspective, the flat-top grills, aka the Griddle is a flat still surface which you use as a frying pan as a griller. The hissing hot countertop in a retro kitchen is the perfect example of a flat top grill. You hit up the still flat top of the grill like a regular burner-pan method to cook anything on the top.


You can cook virtually anything on the top, from cooking eggs to making burgers and so on. There are different types of griddles available in the market, such as freestanding, tabletop, and insert grills.

What Is A Regular Grill?

A regular grill is the most common type of grill among the folks. Whenever you put your hands on a piece of burger that has grilling marks on the bottom and the top of the bun, you know it’s coming straight out of a regular grill.

The regular grills come with gas, charcoal, or electric burners with a series of slatted cooking greats on top of them. When you light up the burners, the heat comes up and cooks the food you put on the grates. The grates leave a mark on the foods you’re making on them by burning them where the grates are.

Flat Top Grill Vs Regular Grill: What’S The Difference?

Both the flat-top grills and regular grills have their distinct features and benefits to attract you as a cook. Here are the most important differences between flat top grill vs regular grill that you should know about if you’re planning to get your first grill:

Heat level

Flat top grill

The flat-top grill doesn’t need too much heat for working the best because the heat doesn’t escape from the flat top. Heating a flat top griddle to around 350°F (177°C) is just enough to cook the food to get the best taste and flavor from it.

Regular grill

The regular grills need higher heat as the heat has its way to escape from the burners through the gaps between the grates. When you open the lid of the grill, the heat makes its way out of the grill. So, you need to heat a regular grill about 400°F (204°C) to cook the food best.

Cooking Techniques

Flat top grill

Flat top grills are the best option if you don’t want to fall short for different types of cooking techniques. You can cook almost anything using the flat top grill such as burgers, steaks, eggs, veggies, even pancakes, all at the same time!

Regular grill

With a regular grill, you don’t have the convenient features of a flat top grill; it comes with limited cooking options. You cannot cook tiny things like small shrimps, fry eggs, or make unhooked little veggies. Handling the food on to the grates is difficult, too; you have to be very careful, flipping the burger or other crunchy foods.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Flat top grill

A flat-top grill has a design where you don’t suffocate for maintenance, hygiene, even recipes. The design is so convenient to use indoors as there are less smoke and no drips. To clean the extra oil left on the surface, you can collect or drain it pretty easily. You can easily wash the flat top and use a damp cloth to clean the surface shiny.

Regular grill

Regular grills are way difficult to maintain a good shape for a long time, and keeping the hygiene intact is even more difficult. Cleaning the gates becomes a daunting job because of the uneven surface and needs special tools to clean it. You have to give it regular maintenance jobs once in a while to keep the internal healthy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Flat top grill

Although the flat top grill seems to be the go-to option so far, it has some disadvantages as well. With a flat-top grill, you have to sacrifice the smokey flavor and the long-known texture to the burger.

Regular grill

After reading the article so far, you may are thinking that the regular grills have nothing to offer you. But, hold on, using a regular grill can get you some extra benefits that a flat top grill cannot provide you. Getting the smokey flavor and the attractive grate texture to the steak or burger is available only with the regular grills with grates on top.

Flat Top Grill Vs Regular Grill: Which Is Better?

Now for the real battle, which type of grill should you go for? A flat-top grill, or a regular grill with grates on top? Well, the answer depends on what you prefer to have from the grill you’re getting. Are you fond of having a bite on a smoky burger with burning textures around? Then a regular grate grill is what you want for your next grill shopping.

On the other hand, if you’re after the convenience of easier maintenance and want a wide range of grilling food, you should give the flat top a chance. You will get an easier maintenance capability along with a wide range of food choices.

Final Thought

Getting a grill can come with a wide range of considerations if you’re after a great grilling experience. Choosing between flat top grill vs regular grill is an inevitable battle you must confront. If you know what both these types of grills have to offer in food quality, nutrients, and texture, you can decide which one suits you the most.

A regular grill is the opposite of the flat top grill in terms of look, functionality, and application capability. Either way, you have to make sure the grill you’re getting can get you the result you want.

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