Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know!

Green Mountain Grill always becomes the top choice when it’s about using a pellet grill. It has modernized the grilling with a Wi-Fi option and a precise temperature controlling system. Moreover, Green Mountain Grill is also known for its best craftsmanship, durable, long-lasting, and quality service.

Though Green Mountain Grill has a reputation for providing durable quality service, but it can run into trouble sometimes. Therefore, knowing how to detect and solve the problem can save you from plenty of hassles. When you learn something about Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting, you will be able to solve any sudden and common problem. Continue reading this Green Mountain Grill troubleshooting guide to fix basic issues and save you money and time.

Understand the Parts and Functions of a Green Mountain Grill

You may use a gas Grill for Apartment Balcony or your backyard; it will provide the same grilling experience. However, to make your grilling experience hassle-free, it’s necessary to know about the parts and functions of your grill. Therefore, here we have included the main components of Green Mountain Grill, have a look.

Understand the Parts and Functions of a Green Mountain Grill

Parts of Green Mountain Grill:

You will find different types of Green Mountain Grill that come with a variety of parts and features. We have included some common parts that you will nearly find in every Green Mountain Grill; here they are.

  • Digital controller
  • Auger
  • Combustion fan
  • Auto igniter
  • Firebox
  • Drip system
  • Chimney
  • Dome Thermometer (Dome thermometer is not standard on Daniel Boone)
  • Thermal sensor
  • Pellet hopper
  • Hopper fan

Functions of Green Mountain Grill:

The main functionality of Green Mountain Grill is it has a motor. The motor turns the auger that feeds pellets into the firebox. There you will find a hot rod that helps to ignite the pellets automatically. Then a combustion fan located at the bottom will keep the pellets burning.

Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting Guide

We’ve included some solutions here to address some common issues you may encounter while using your Green Mountain Grill. These troubleshooting steps will help you to solve all the basic problems related to Green Mountain Grill.

Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting Guide

1. Inconsistent Heat

Incomplete heat is the most common problem that most Green Mountain Grill user’s face. It can cause overcooking issues and significantly affect cooked food. This means the grill is lit but not able to reach the sitting temperature. So have a look at the combustion fan and check if the blades are damaged or not.

If the blades of the combustion fan are damaged, replace them. However, you can solve this problem by adjusting the heat shield position. That is because a misplaced heat shield can cause uneven heating issues. So simply slide it to the warmer side in a 1/4-inch increment and then check if there is any change or not.

2. Grill’s Igniter Problem

When the grill power button doesn’t work well, there can be nothing more frustrating than that. Well, you can easily solve this problem by checking the power cord. Check if the power cord is perfectly plugged into the working outlet or not. If the power cord needs a proper plug-in, do it manually.

Grill’s Igniter Problem

You can also solve the issue by ensuring a strong connection on both ends of a power cord. You can also check the control panel of the Green Mountain Grill and tight the loose wires to solve the grill igniter problem.

3. Thermal Sensor Issues

After fire up the Green Mountain Grill, simply check the temperature display. If it is showing “SEN,” then yes, something is wrong with the thermal sensor. To fix the problem, check the grease tray and ensure the sensor is not blocked by anything. You also need to ensure that the grease tray is properly installed. Thermal sensor issues can also occur because of wrong heat shield installation.

4. No Power to Display

If you face no power on Green Mountain Grill, then you can solve this problem by checking the power source. There could be a tripped breaker, which is causing no power issue on your grill. Before starting the procedure, unplug the grill and also unscrew the head screws.

No Power to Display

Now pull out the breaker and check for tripped or loose wires in the backside of the power switch.  Check the fuse and also need to ensure that everything on the control board is working properly. If you see any faulty power source, then replacing it can be a good solution.

5. Clicking Sound

Sometimes, you may hear a clicking sound from your Green Mountain Grill while the auger is turning. It can happen because the wires under the hopper assembly are moved away, which blocks the auger motor fan. Now you need to check the underneath of the wire obstruction and move it away from the auger fan blade.

Or you can also check the area and remove the obstruction if needed to stop the clicking sound. However, if you still hear the clicking sound when the auger is not turned on, then you need to replace the auger motor.

6. Auger Issues

You can solve this by turning on the grill on zero cycles when you face auger issues with your Green Mountain Grill. After that, look at the small fan inside the auger’s compartment.

If the fan is not turning, the pellets may be jammed up around the auger’s intake. Check the pellets and remove the pellets that have fallen into the wrong place, which is causing jammed auger issues.

7. Bad Wi-Fi Connectivity

Green Mountain Grill offers an igneous feature by allowing you to control the temperature through a mobile application. However, this feature can be very frustrating if the Wi-Fi system is not working well. When the Wi-Fi system is not working well, then reset the system for an update.

Bad Wi-Fi Connectivity

First, reset the router and repeat the same resetting process several times. Then ensure that the network signal of Green Mountain Grill is coming through. You also need to check the grill antenna and use a 2.4 GHz band on the router. Now set a password, and if the update works properly, it will connect with your Wi-Fi network.


Green Mountain Grill is widely known for its strong, solid, and quality grilling quality. Since it is a machine, sometimes it can go through several problems. However, we have discussed several possible problems you may encounter while using your Green Mountain Grill in this context.

Along with discussing some of the most common problems, we have also shown a reliable solving process for those issues. Therefore, having enough Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting knowledge can help you save yourself from headaches and inconveniences.

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