How Long Do Gas Grills Last? – A Complete Guidelines 2021

A summer evening is never complete without grilling while hanging out with friends and family. A fully functional grill is a must-have thing for any American family to spend a delightful summer. An average American family usually disposes of the griller once every 3 to 5 years, which is a bit too early. However, a griller should generally last way longer than that; about 5 to 15 years.

Well, it’s only possible to last that long if you take good care of it. Leftover food residue, not used properly, and inadequate cleaning after using the grill, can easily put an end to the grill’s lifespan. If you’re struggling to use your griller for years or wondering how long you can use it for, I’m here to help. Stick to the article to know how long do gas grills last and how you can increase your grill’s longevity with proper care.

How Long Do Gas Grills Last?

A griller should serve you way longer than you usually see your friends through theirs away in 3 to 5 years. Usually, the griller should last you 5 to 25 years without any problem if you don’t damage it along the way. If you can take care of the griller with proper care and use it the right way while making food, it should last you that long.

How Long Do Gas Grills Last

However, using your griller for that long requires more than only using it properly while making food. You must have the right type of griller that can last you over a decade and keep producing food that smells and tastes the same all the time. You have to store it the right way after the season ends and prepare the griller before you start using it again.

How Can I Make My Gas Grill Last Longer? (Clean And Maintenance)

If you have a good griller, it’s your job to make it serve you for years with cleaning and maintenance. Here are the maintenance tips that can help you keep your griller clean and keep on serving you for years to come:

Use the grill properly

Using the grill properly is the Prerequisite to make your grill last longer; here are the steps to use a grill correctly:

Place it ideally

A griller is a fire and smoke source that can cause a lot of problems if placed in the wrong place. You must not place your grill in a closed room or under a tree, especially a dry tree, to start a fire. Place the grill on a plain sight where there is no dry tree above the grill, and at least 10 feet away from your house.

Check for gas leaks

If you’re running a propane grill, it can be dangerous to leak the valve or the hose. Before every use, check for leakages and replace the hose if there is any instead of repairing it. It can become a time bomb if you ignore the leak and place it away from the grill by a foot or two.

Don’t ignite it closed

Never ignite the burners when the grill lid is open; it may cause a severe issue. Instead, open the lid, open up the gas valve, be sure there is no gas built up inside before igniting. If you ignore it, the built-up gas inside the lid may cause an explosion.

Don’t leave it unattended

When you’re using the grill, never leave it unattended because you never know what goes wrong! Keep a sprayer bottle with water inside to spray the food or the burner if it becomes too hot to handle.

Cleaning the grill after using

It’s not enough to use the grill safely to extend the lifespan of the grill; cleaning it more important for that. Here is how you do it:

Preheat the grill

If you’re cleaning the grill right after making the food, it’s high time to clean the grill before it goes cold. However, if you’re cleaning it when it’s cold, consider igniting the grill and heat it over 500° to burn it all. Heating it will loosen the food residues and make it easier for you to clean them.

Disconnect the gas line

Once heating the grill is complete, it’s time to disconnect the gas line from the grill. Please don’t keep it attached to the grill when you’re cleaning your grill, especially when you’re planning to deep clean it.

Scrub the leftover

Get a grill cleaning brush first; it will have a stiff scrubber on one side with a blad on the other. First, use the scrubber to remove all the leftover food residue and the grease off the grates from both sides. Do the same with the protective bars, aka the flavoring bars, only this time with the brush’s blades.

Wash with soapy water

Take a bucket, full with soapy water or mixed in detergent, rinse a sponge in it, and start cleaning! Do the cleaning until you have everything cleaned up from the grates to the bars and burners.

Cleaning the burners and the bottom

Cleaning the burners may not be enough with brush and water some times. You may have food residue blocking the holes in the tubes sometimes; use a toothpick to clean them if you have to. Now, take the fat drip tray out and clean them thoroughly to complete cleaning your grill.

Storing the grill for the next season

Only cleaning won’t be enough if you want to use the grill for years; you must prepare it for the next season using these steps:

Oil the inside and close the lid

After cleaning the grill for the last time in a season, be sure to oil the grates, the burners, the drip tray, and everything inside. Now, disconnect the gas line, close the lid, and clean the grill exterior if there is anything left.

Cover it and keep it dry

Before storing the grill for the next season, cove it up with a weatherproof cover, just the way you do for a car. It will keep the grill in good shape no matter how rough the weather gets, especially if you’re storing it outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about how long do gas grills last that people are asking around and you may have an interest in:

Should I cover my grill?

If you’re storing your grill for long, especially in the winter, putting a weatherproof cover on it will be great. It will keep the exterior of the grill clean and out of damages like building rust or stain.

Should I clean my grill after every use?

If you’re not going to use the grill the next day or the same week, it’s better to clean it properly before leaving it. However, you can scrap the grates or give it a mild cleaning after every use.

How often should you clean the inside of a grill?

When using it regularly, you should deep clean your grill once a month inside out. Don’t forget to heat the grill for easier and quicker cleaning and use stiff scrubber and sponges for cleaning.

Final Thought

Grilling is an important thing for a good summer with friends and family; so, it’s important to have a good grill for a fest. A good grill can easily last you more than a decade if you take care of it properly. Before you ask how long do gas grills last, ask yourself how good a maintenance job you’re getting your grill.

Use the grill properly, mild clean it after every use, deep clean it 2-3 times a season and store it properly to help it last you a decade or more. You can also hire a professional grill mechanic to inspect the grill and have a look once a year or two.

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