How To Clean Grill Burners – Easy Method 2021

As you have clicked onto this article, it is almost obvious that you are fond of barbeque or grilling, and there is a high chance that you own a grill, most probably a gas grill. If you use your grill many often, you also need to clean the grill as well as the burners. In this article, we will guide you to How to Clean Grill Burners.

You can consider the grill burners as the main part or heartbeat of a grill because your barbeque is very less likely to go as expected if the burners are not functioning properly. A little bit of maintenance will take your grill a long way. Typically, you should do a necessary cleaning after every use and deep cleaning once or twice a year at least.

How Many Burners Do I Need On My Grill?

Gas grills are available with different numbers of grill burners. The burners are the central source in a gas grill with which it heats or cooks food. Grill burners are usually made of aluminized steel, stainless steel, cast iron (sometimes coated with porcelain).


You may find gas grills with two, three, even five or six burners in the market. You have to choose the number of burners according to your requirements. If your family does not consist of more than 4 people, then a 2-burner grill is enough for you. But if you intend to feed 8 people or sometimes 12 people on any occasion, you need a grill with 3 burners.

Heat is not usually distributed evenly on a grill with less than three burners. But now a new trend of a compact grill with two burners is being seen. It can easily fit into a balcony.

For a family, you need an area of at least 400 square inches. A 3-burner gas grill comes with 400 to 500 square inches of cooking area. You should not go for 5 or 6 burner gas grills if you cannot manage a cooking area of at least 500-600 square inches.

The burners must be far enough from the grates yet not too close to the meat. Because our target is not to burn but to roast the meat, and there should be the precise distance between the grates and the burners to have a uniform and well-dispersed fire.

How To Clean Grill Burners – Step By Step Method

To maintain a good condition of your gas grill, you need to know How to Clean Grill Burners.  It’s nobody’s favorite job, but unless you want to taste the charred remains of last week’s barbecue, the next time you have got to clean your grill burners.

How To Clean Grill Burners -- step by step method

You have to ensure you get the appropriate tools available before you start cleaning the grill burners. You should make sure that you have a pair of hand gloves in your hand as the job might be a little bit messy.

There are some other things that you must have available while working, such as a grill brush, a toothpick, or a drill bit so that you can clean the burner ports, putty knife, paper towel, or cleaning rugs.

  • Your first move is making sure your grill’s gas supply is off. So, before you begin, make sure you have turned off the gas valves and the tank valve and have disconnected the grill propane tank because you would never want any gas flow during your cleaning.
  • After that, you need to check the manual of your grill to know how to remove the burners on your particular grill correctly. Once you have turned off your burners, you are all ready to clean.
  • Then you should remove the grates of the grill and spray a degreaser on their surface. Let sit for some time, and then rub it with anything that you can rub your skin with, such as a stainless scrub pad or a grill brush.
  • Remove everything under the grill grates, for instance, ceramic briquettes trays, lava rock grate, flame tamers (if any). Brush any residue from them and set aside for reassembling.
  • Remove the burner from your grill and clean the food debris using a brush. You should never use water for this purpose, only stainless scrub or brush.
  • Carefully examine the ports and make sure that they are not clogged. Reopen the ports if there is any clog. Use a drill bit, toothpick, or any small thing that can clean the ports.
  • If you can figure out that you are not yet getting the actual flame you’re looking for; you will probably need to clean the orifice hole. You will see that at the endpoint of the gas valve. Gas jets may also get clogged with spider web, grease, or with something else.
  • You can degrease inside the hood of your grill by spraying degreaser. It will also be useful if you allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Then you can use the putty knife for grazing according to your necessity and then wipe off the lid clean.
  • Reconnect everything that you disconnected and reassemble the parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my grill burners?

If there is too much grease on your burner igniters and if they appear corroded, then it is time you should think about replacing your burner with a new one.

How long do grill burners last?

The burners usually come with a warranty that may last for up to 10 years or maybe for a lifetime.

Do I need a side burner on my grill?

If you want to conveniently prepare any side dish or sauces or want to keep the food warm using the relatively lower temperature of a side burner, then you should have one.

Final Thought

It does not matter how messy it seems. Hopefully, you will not mess up if you follow our steps to How to Clean Grill Burners. Try to clean your gas grill regularly if you want a prolonged life and quality of your grill. We recommend you clean it at least once a month. Or, when you start to notice the grime, it’s time to clean it again.

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