How To Clean Infrared Grill – Ultimate Guide 2021

An infrared grill is a great tool that makes your grilling experience more enjoyable and makes the food tastier. However, getting the best out of any grill requires you to clean it regularly inside out. Keeping your griller clean will give it a longer life span and stay efficient as well. After every use and occasionally, you have to take care of your grill to keep it going for years.

Cleaning an infrared grill can be a lot harder than other conventional grills because of their complex mechanism. They tend to catch on dust and debris along with all the food residues to make it harder to clean. With the right process of cleaning, the job can become a lot easier, though! In this article, I will help you understand How To Clean Infrared Grill in the most efficient ways possible.

Should I Clean My Grill After Every Use?

When it comes to cleaning your grill to keep it performing with its best, you have to keep it clean. Now the question is, how often you should clean your grill, especially when nobody loves it. The answer is, you should clean it after every use slightly and give it a deep cleaning every six months. If you don’t clean it after every use, it will get dirty pretty quickly and make it impossible to keep grilling. Cleaning it deeply every six months is only when you keep it clean after every use. You can hire a professional cleaner for the annual cleaning, but for the regular cleaning, you can DIY just fine.


How To Clean Infrared Grill? Step By Step Guide

As I mentioned before, you have to clean your infrared grill both after every use and periodically every few months. Here are the processes on How To Clean Infrared Grill after every use and deep clean it periodically:

How to clean an infrared grill after use

Every time you use your infrared grill, you have to clean it from the food residue left on the grates. Get a stiff grill brush with a scraper on the tip of the brush to easily clean your grill. For the process, start by heating it for 10-15 minutes without any food inside. The heat will turn the food leftover into charcoal or ashes, which are far easier to brush off. Once the grates get covered by the ashes, chip them off using the stiff brush, and go down to the next part.

Condition it

After cleaning the grates, take a paper towel or a piece of cloth and dip it into canola oil. Apply it on the grates while the grates are still hot for better results in the process. The ashes will store on the drip tray and the grease catcher to clean them later. Then, end the conditioning by applying grill spray on the grates to keep them safe from corrosion. Do this if you’re not planning on using it pretty soon after you’ve used it this time.

How to deep clean your infrared grill

You must inspect your infrared grill once in a while thoroughly and clean it from the inside. For that, take the grill apart, especially the parts that get into the grilling process. First, take the grates apart and soak them into a bucket of warm water mixed in with the detergent. Keep them that way for a few minutes until the grease and food residue comes loose. Now, take the stiff brush and brush them away, wash them thoroughly to complete cleaning the grates.

Clean the infrared mash panel

Every infrared burner has a mash surface to protect the infrared source from direct contact to the grease and food residue. Take that mash cover apart and dip it into the bucket of warm soapy water as well. After the grease comes loose, brush it thoroughly and clean it and move onto the next part. If you have a middle part between the infrared burner and the grates, clean that too.

Put them together

In the first cleaning, you may find it hard to handle all the parts and the steps accurately. Take pictures in every step to know how to put the parts back into the grill after cleaning. Keep the order correct while putting them together, or you may end up getting a non-functioning grill.

Some Safety Tips For Using Infrared Grill

Following the safety rules while using any grill is essential as you’re working with fire and gas. Here are some safety tips while using an infrared grill that will keep you safe while working with it:

Some safety tips for using Infrared grill

  • Don’t place your grill inside your house or under a tree branch, especially not a dry one that has a high chance to catch on fire.
  • If you’re using propane supply for running the grill, open the lead before turning the valve on and igniting the burners.
  • Never leave your grill unattended, or it can become dangerous; furthermore, don’t let the kids or pets come near the grill.
  • Before you turn your grill off, clean it in high heat, close the propane valve, wait for a while before you can close the lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about infrared grills and how to use them properly:

Do infrared grills use propane?

Yes, infrared grills use propane most of the time; there are solar-powered infrared grills as well.

Can you convert a gas grill to infrared?

Yes, you can replace the grats in your gas grill with infrared grates and convert it.

Do infrared grills taste the same?

Infrared grills make the food taste even better than other grills as it retains the whole flavor.

Watch Out the Step by Step Process to Clean Infrared Grill in the Best Way

Final Thought

Using an infrared grill will change your experience of grilling with much better taste and better sear on the meat. Infrared grills are popular because of their capability of heating only the meat instead of the air inside. Despite all the advantages of using an infrared grill, you must keep it clean if you want to get the most out of those advantages. After getting through this step by step guide, I hope you know How To Clean Infrared Grill in the best way. Regular cleaning will help it make your food delicious and don’t smell burned meat.

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