How to Light a Portable Propane Grill? (Read Before to Start 2021)

Almost all the propane grills come with an electric ignition system to start on. The user finds ease in use whenever everything goes well. It matters when the ignition stops working. If you’re habituated to enjoy barbeque often, you will definitely come across a challenging situation. You will fall in danger at times due to the interruption of the ignition system. It’s essential to save your barbecue when the starting system is out of order. How to light a portable propane grill?

If you’ve never lit a grill before, it will be a daunting task to perform.   It seems a tricky job to light up a grill manually. You need proper expertise to do so. Throughout this article, we’ve covered this topic to help you. You can pay heed to the next chapters to grab the most comfortable way of lighting a grill.

Can You Use A Lighter To Start A Propane Grill?

If your portable gas grill doesn’t feature an electric ignition button, you must reach out to a lighter. A lighter or long match is capable of putting your grill on with less trouble. There is nothing wrong with using a lighter to start a propane grill.

Can You Use A Lighter To Start A Propane Grill?

Moreover, if your grill features an advanced starting system, there is the use of a lighter as well. Sometimes the start button may stop working due to mechanical errors. You have to utilize a lighter in this case. Meanwhile, you can use a lighter to check whether the grill burns and lights.

You could observe an ignition problem with the help of a quality lighter or match. A lighter is essential to identify the gas flow of your propane grill as well. After all, you can undoubtedly use a lighter to start a propane grill.

How To Light A Portable Propane Grill?

If you own a portable gas grill, you must take care of it. To enjoy delicious barbeque anywhere, you should have a well-designed grill. Your grill must comprise an advanced start-up system and immense heat producing capability. What will happen if your grill doesn’t feature an ignition button? How do you cook barbecue if the start-up system becomes out of order? How to light a portable propane grill? To know the most straightforward technique, stay tuned.

How To Light A Portable Propane Grill?

Using Flame Thrower Ignition

If your grill is designed with a piezoelectric spark, you can start it using flame thrower ignition.  The spark becomes integrated on the gas stream and knob to ignite the gas to shoot flame. You will find a spacious flame supply with the burner through this ignition system. It’s an efficient and reliable option for lighting a propane grill.

Using Hot Surface ignition

You can start your grill using a hot surface ignition system at ease. It works by turning the knob. Towards a tiny heating element, a jet of gas becomes projected in this ignition system. This system offers the best chance of lighting the grill at the first attempt.

Using Single Spark Ignition

You have to send a single spark from the igniter to start your grill in this system. The mixture of spark helps to put the burners successfully on. You require both hands to perform it. One hand is to turn the knob, whereas another hand is to send a single spark. It seems a bit challenging and risky for beginners.

Using Continuous Spark Ignition

The continuous spark ignition system predominantly draws on battery power. It produces a series of spark to light up the grill on the first attempt. You need two hands to put your grill on following this ignition system. It’s easier and safer to use for everyone.

Using lighter

If the ignition system becomes unable to power on the grill, you need to reach out to a lighter. You can simply turn the burners on with a lighter by following the given steps:

Step-1: To light your grill, you should open the lid first. Keep all the burner control knobs off to stay safe. You can check the knobs by pushing in and turning clockwise.

Step-2: There is an LP tank on your grill. It needs to be turned off. You have to turn the tank valve counterclockwise to do so. There is a match stick holder on the grill; you need to keep the lighter on the holder.

Using lighter

Step-3: Strike the match to light your grill on. Through the cooking grates, simply insert the match holder with the light. Then push the control knob in and ignite the left burner.

Step-4: Then ignite the rest of the burners in the same way and check out the flame. You have to start the burners gradually from left to right. If you do anything messy in putting the burners on, you have to cost a lot. It drives your grill in severe trouble in the long run.

Step-5: Check whether any of the burners fail to ignite. If so, you must turn the burner control knobs off at once. You can wait for a while to restart the burner. Before you try again, ensure the gas flow is clear and continuous.

Final Verdict

There are several options to light up a propane grill. You can apply any effective methods to enjoy a barbeque. There may take place an accident if you become careless during the ignition period. How to light a portable propane grill? You have already noticed various ignition systems of a gas grill. Depending on your grill’s mechanism, you can choose any of those. But you have to perform the overall task with much care.

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