How To Use A Gas Grill For The First Time – Just Follow 6 Steps

Summer is almost here, the season of grill parties with friends and family. Choosing a gas grill is and a quicker solution for a grill, and it’s better than a charcoal grill. However, getting a gas grill doesn’t make you a BBQ pro. You have to learn how to operate a gas grill and make the best BBQ steaks for your family or friends.

There is a checklist you must maintain and some safety precautions to know for a good gas grill experience. I will get you through a step by step guide on how to use a gas grill for the first time. Stick to the article to bless yourself with the gas grill knowledge below.

Why Use A Gas Grill?

Using a gas grill is far better than charcoal grills, and there are enough reasons why I’m saying it. Here are some key benefits of using a gas grill:

  • A gas grill will ignite the fire and start heating the grill instantly to save your time.
  • Using gas grills tend to be cheaper than charcoal grill in terms of consumables.
  • You can use a propane cylinder as a multipurpose fuel source for both grill and a regular stove.
  • Some gas grill allows you to use peripherals like smoke boxes and side burners.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should use a gas grill. If you want to know more, you can check out this detailed article on the Gas Grill benefits.

How To Use A Gas Grill For The First Time?

How To Use A Gas Grill For The First Time

If you’ve used a charcoal grill, you’ll find it much easier to work with a gas grill than a charcoal grill. However, there are some pretty important things you must not skip while working with a gas grill. I’ll get you through the step by step guide on how to use a gas grill for the first time:

Prepare Your Gas Grill And The Food

Before you can light up the grill with a cylinder of gas, you must prepare the grill for cooking. Another thing to pay attention to is the preparation for the food before you light up the grill. Preparing the food after lighting up the grill is a bad idea as you might waste time and gas for no good reason. So, start by cutting the foods, preparing them ready to go inside right after the grill hits up. Now inspect carefully if the gas connections and the knobes of the grill are not faulty. If everything’s okay with the grill, lightly coat the grides with cooking oil as the final touch.

Prepare The Propane Supply

Now is the time to prepare the gas supply to the grill. But, before you connect the supply, lift the grill lid, and open the cooking chamber to the air. Never deposit the gas inside the chamber without setting it on fire. Connect the pipe to the valve of the gas cylinder and turn the valve counterclockwise until it no longer turns. It will open the valve all the way, and you can now open the burners.

Heat The Grill Adequately

Once the gas supply is connected, open the burner regulators all the way up and push the ignition button. If your grill doesn’t have a button, use a long-nose lighter to light the burners. Now you can close the grill lid and let the grill heat up. If the grill has a temperature gauge, have a look when the heat reaches up to 500° to 550°.

If you don’t have a temperature gauge, let the grill heat up for 15-20 minutes. Check out this best 6 burner gas grill review to find out the best gas grill with the latest features.

Adjust The Hot And Warm Side Of The Grill

If your grill is a six-burner grill, it means your grill is big enough to keep one side hot and one side warm. To adjust, take three burners and turn the regulators at high and set the other three at medium to low. Having two different temperature in the grill will allow you to cook more efficiently. You can sear the food on one side of the grill and cook it on the other side. It also gives you enough place to move the food around for different temperatures. Especially when one side gets too hot and out of control, you can move it to the other side.

Keep It Consistent

When the grill’s ready to go with your desired temperature on both sides, put the steak on the GrillGrates. Put them on the hottest side of the grill and wait until they dry up adequately, then turn them over. After you’ve put all the foods on the grill, close the lid and wait for a few minutes. Check on them after a while and see if the pieces are ready to turn over.

If they still nudge and don’t have a firm base, give them a few more minutes to dry up. Once they are ready, keep turning them over; back to front and left to right. Remember to keep the heat consistent on either side of the food to cook it well.

Make The Dessert Toppings

When you’ve cooked the main course for the meal, you can use the grill for making or warming the dessert options. Use a cast-iron pan for cooking the liquid or small fry items. They are thick and firm; they heat evenly and work as a great tool to do the job. While making the dessert, you can wrap the steaks or the main course with tin foil and let them rest. Doing this will add more smoky taste to the meal.

How To Clean A Gas Grill

After cooking all your food with the gas grill, it’s essential to take care of the grill. You have to clean the nasty GrillGrates and prepare it for the next use. For that, turn the burners to the highest heat, close the lid and wait for 2-3 minutes.

It will loosen off all the food residue to clean easily. Take a grill brush and brush off all the leftovers on the grates. You can read this in-depth article to learn how to clean a gas grill with minimal effort.

Gas Grilling Safety Tips

Working with a gas grill can be a great way to celebrate the next summer only if you don’t get into trouble with the grill. Here, I will contact you some important gas grilling safety tips you must not overlook:

  • Never turn the gas supply on while the grill lid is closed; it will cause the gas to build up inside. When you light up the burner, it might explode!
  • Don’t ever leave the grill unattended because the fire heats up over and over. You have to keep t consistent by turning the regulators up and down.
  • You shouldn’t overload the grill with food, especially if you’re cooking fatty meats. The fat will come out all at once and get on the fire and potentially shut it or cause a huge fireball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions on how to use a gas grill that you might have in your mind:

Can gas grills use natural gas?

Not every grill will; if you want to use natural gas, check the manufacturer’s specifications of the grill.

Can you use a gas grill indoors?

NO, a gas grill will produce too much carbon monoxide, which you should not have indoor.

Can you use a gas grill in winter?

Yes, but you have to give it more time than regular to warm up and cook the food.

Can you use a gas grill in the rain?

Yes, but you have to make sure the rain doesn’t get to the Grates when you open the lid.

Final Thought

Using a Gas Grill comes with a lot of added benefits compared to a charcoal grill. After reading this extensive article on how to use a gas grill for the first time, I hope you now know how the process goes. There are safety precautions, of course; never forget that the BBQ party isn’t worth it if you end up getting a burn.

So, be sure to follow the process I’ve mentioned step by step. Don’t think you can skip one step behind, especially in the steps where the gas and fire is involved. Best of luck with your next BBQ party with your first gas grill!

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