Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting Guide in 2021

Masterbuilt electric smoker is the most reliable and safest machine to cook on outdoor occasions. Normally it functions very efficiently and hardly has major troubleshoots.  In spite of that sometimes it gets stuck and stops smoking in the middle of the party.

However, these kinds of troubleshooting is a common fact for the machines but what are the specific Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting normally we face? Well, there are different types of problems that may occur because of improper usage. Let’s dive into the article for its troubleshooting and solution.

How to Use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

The basic operation of the master-built electric smoker is very simple as there are few buttons to operate the machine.  Simply press the Temp button and set the timer to cook as you need. Just scroll down to the page for the step-by-step process.

How to Use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?


  • Put water in the water tray provided by the company and press the power button to start the cooker for an hour to preheat at a high temperature.
  • When it is hot enough, turn the tube to pull it out of the smoker. Load the wood chip tray then slide it back and turn it to fill the tray. Always refill the tray once in an hour and don’t overload it.
  • Open the smoker to load meat, poultry, or fish whatever you like. Before you open the door stay in the side then open it to avoid the hot steam from the machine.
  • Slide your food onto the rack and slide it back. Remember to put fish at the lower rack as it is comparatively less hot.
  • Set the temperature 10 degrees more than you need. It is good for burning a small batch of wood chips to clean the smoker.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting

If you are using the master-built electric smoker definitely you have faced some common problems. Most of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting is very common while running the machine to cook.  Check the most common troubleshooting described below.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting

1. The Smoker Doesn’t Open Up

Sometimes the smoker is stuck at the kick start which is a common Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting but easy to solve. First, check if the power plug is plugged properly or not.

The Smoker Doesn’t Open Up

Then check the power breaker of the electric connection box, it should be good to go. Finally check the fuse and replace it if necessary. In the end, place the machine properly so that it remains stable. That’s all and try opening the door.

2. Temperature Issue

It is another problem that many users face is that the temperature is not enough or it is too high for the foods that burn the food. Some users say it takes a long time to cook etc.

The solution is to find the exact temperature for each type of food. To get rid of the temperature issues you must know the right temperature of the foods that you are cooking. See the list with food and its required temperature approved by USDA or from the instruction manual that comes with the product.

  • Fish – 1450 63 c
  • Pork – 160 71 c
  • lamb, steaks, Veal, or Beef – 145 F 63c
  • Ground beef, Veal or Lamb 160 c 710 c
  • Egg Dishes – 160 F 71 c
  • Found or Poultry pieces 165 F 74 c
  • Whole poultry ( Turkey, Chicken, Duck) 165 F 74 c

To get the most benefits out of the machine and solve the temperature issue you should maintain the following instructions. Moreover, you can avoid unsmoked or burning food by maintaining the tips.

Temperature Issue

  • Pre Season your smoker machine before using it. Pre-seasoning helps to get rid of the manufacturer’s oil, dust, and dirt.
  • Basically, the master-built electric smoker is a slow cooker smoker so you should give yourself a good amount of cooking time to cook the foods.
  • Preheat the machine for approximately one hour before loading foods in the machine.
  • To speed, the timing uses the aluminum tin foil paper to cover the foods as it blocks the heat and increases the temperature.

3. Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Overheating

It is a basic problem for the new users. 200 to 250 degrees is the normal temperature of the machine, if the heat is more than that it causes to smoke meats faster than as usual

Moreover, If there is too much airflow coming from outside the digital electric smoker becomes overheated. Therefore, you can do the following for a solution.

  • Turn the vent off for a while or close the vent to prevent extra air.
  • Use a single dial instead of multiple dials and also you can use a water pan to put ice cubes.
  • Try to use less oil on the smoker to avoid overheating.

4. Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

The MES generation 2 is the first reason that causes the machine to shut off. Another reason is the controls that are attached to the front side of the machine which leads to the bad controls.

Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

For the solution, you can replace the thermostat temperature control and fix the loose wires. However, the best way to fix it is to call the company and get a new one.

5. The Smoker Takes an Excessive Time to Heat Up

Three reasons delay the machine to heat up. Such as

  • Using an extension cord to plug the smoker that may not supply enough power.
  • If the door is not plugged properly it causes the heat to pass outside which reduces the internal temperature.
  • If the controllers are not working properly it takes a long time to heat.

Solution for the Heating Faster:

  • Use the wall outlet directly to plug the smoker and avoid the extension cord.
  • Close the door properly so that there is no airflow coming out.

Cleaning Issues and Tips

Whether you are using a Masterbuilt electric smoker or a 2 Burner Gas Grill, regular cleaning is essential after every use. Because a regular cleaning enhances the performance of the machine and reduces troubleshooting. Here I will show you how to clean the Masterbuilt smoker.

Cleaning Issues and Tips

  • Before you start cleaning unplugged the outlet and make sure you put it in the water. Give enough time to cool down the machine and make sure to use hand gloves.
  • Use a dishwashing liquid or soapy water to wash the water tray, pans, cooking racks, and bowls. Next, use clean water to clean them finally.
  • After every cooking, use hot water to wash the overall cooking space or wipe them with a wet soapy sponge and dry with a dry cloth.
  • Always clean the interior of the machine, especially the seam and the door seal.

Final Statement

We have mentioned some of the common issues of Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting that most of the users are facing. If you are having these troubles while running the smoker machine surely you need the solution mentioned above. However, you can fix the problem and can prevent them from happening again with proper maintenance. In the case of a serious matter call the company for help.

Hopefully, you have some useful information about troubleshooting and the solution of the Masterbuilt smoker machine. These tips should help the new users very much so don’t stop just enjoy cooking.

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