Best 3 Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill Reviews In 2021

Smoke Hollow grill is the best one to celebrate the vacation with relatives and friends. Choosing the best grill is the solution to give a worthy response to this desire for conviviality. Among the many models Smoke Hollow brand, it is not easy to find the best one that will be best suited to meet your specific needs. So, we have highlighted 3 Smoke hollow portable gas grill reviews after investigating various models that will fulfill your requirements and last longer. Let’s dive into it.

About This Brand

Smoke Hollow is one of the best grill manufacturing brands that has been distributing quality grills for more than 15 years. In 2005, the Smoke Hollow grill brand was founded by Outdoor Leisure Products, and a few years ago, it was acquired by MasterBuilt. Now, they are manufacturing stainless steel, high performance, and durable grills around the world. Also, their grills are so compact that easy to move anywhere according to your needs.

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Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25" Railing on Pontoon Boats w/Arnall's Stainless Grill Brackets.

Smoke Hollow LS2016-2 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Smoke Hollow VT280B1 Vector Series, Portable Table Top Propane Gas Grill with Warming Rack, 367 sq. inches of Cooking Area

Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill Reviews – Top 3 Picks

From lots of Smoke Hollow grills, we have focused on the 3 best Smoke hollow portable gas grill reviews that will meet your needs. Let’s have a look here.

1. Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25″ Railing on Pontoon Boats w/Arnall’s Stainless Grill Brackets.

Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25Smoke Hollow 205 Grill comes with 305 inches cooking surface that allows you to grill 10 to 13 hamburgers at once. Its surface area is made with a chrome-plated grate that is removable and keeps the heat to grill the meat perfectly. The grill is constructed with 304 X 7GA marine grade stainless steel that provides durability and helps to assemble quickly.

The grill has a U shaped burner that can produce 12000 BTU heat using liquid propane gas. It allows us to connect 16 oz propane tank on the right side of the grill. Also, it has an ignition switch that helps to start the grill quickly. The stainless steel lockable lid helps to distribute the heat in the full chamber. The weight of the grill is 37 pounds that are easy to carry for picnics or tailgating.

It is specially designed for Pontoon boats that required 1.25 sq inches railing to set. If your boat hasn’t this type of railing, you can install the universal bracket system of the grill. It is easy to clean through its removable drip tray. It has foldable legs that allow it to keep in small areas. Also, you can check the temperature of the inside grill with the temperature gauge.


  • It has 305 inches chrome-plated cooking surface that allows you to cook 10+ burgers at a time.
  • It has a U shaped burner that produces 12000 BTU heats to ensure proper grilling.
  • It can be added in the Pontoon boats with 1.25 inches railing or universal bracket system.
  • It has foldable legs and a heat resistant handle that make it easy to carry.
  • It has an ignition switch that helps to start the grill with a single push.

2. Smoke Hollow LS2016-2 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Smoke Hollow LS2016-2 2-Burner Propane Gas GrillSmoke Hollow LS2016-2 comes with 285 sq inches cooking surface that allows you to cook more than 15 chicken patties or hamburgers at once. The surface area is made with a porcelain-coated wire grate that ensures heat for proper grilling. Its barrel size is 320 sq inches that are enough for grilling meat or steaks quickly. It is constructed with stainless steel that helps to last longer.

It has 2 stainless steel burners that can produce 7500 BTU heat that makes it the best 2 burner gas grill in the market. You can control the heat levels (High and low) with the heat control regulators that help to keep the accurate temperature. It has 40 sq inches side shelves that offer more space to keep the necessary tools near you. Also, its down rack allows keeping a gas tank or other heavy tools under the grill.

The grill is easy to clean within 3-5 minutes by removing the grate and drip pan. After cleaning, you can easily assemble it without any guidance. With the two wheels and two tube stands, it can be moved anywhere and provides stability during grilling. It is simple to operate and easy to use for beginners.


  • It has 185 sq inches cooking surface that can cook up to 15 chicken patties or hamburgers.
  • It has a dual stainless steel burner that can produce 7500 BTU heat to provide better cooking.
  • The grates and drip pan is removable and easy to clean the grill quickly.
  • It has dual-sided shelves that allow you to keep necessary utensils near you.
  • It has an ignition switch that helps to start the burners within a few seconds.

3. Smoke Hollow VT280B1 Vector Series

Smoke Hollow VT280B1 Vector SeriesSmoke Hollow VT280B1 comes with a 367 sq inches cooking surface that allows to 18-20 hamburgers at once. The cooking surface is made with porcelain enameled wire grate and chrome-plated warm rack that allows you to grill meat and steaks perfectly. The V shape designed gas grill is made with stainless steel that ensures durability for a long time.

The smoke hollow stainless steel tabletop grill has a large stainless steel burner that can produce 10000 BTU heat using propane gas. You can add a 16 oz. propane tank on the right side of the grill. It can be started with the ignition switch quickly. Also, it has a painted double layer hood that can resist heat, and you can easily close and open as your need. The lid helps to distribute the heat properly inside the grill chamber.

It has a removable drip tray that allows you to clean the grill easily. Its foldable legs and lockable lid helps to carry the grill everywhere. You can measure the temperature with the heat indicator that is added on the lid.


  • Its 367 sq. Inches porcelain-enameled cooking grates allow for grilling 18+ burgers at once.
  • It has a large burner that can produce 10000 BTU heat to provide a better grilling experience.
  • It has foldable legs and a handle that helps to take the grill for camping or tailgating.
  • It has a temperature gauge that indicates the temperature of the grill.
  • You can start the grill burner quickly by pushing the ignition switch.

Is This Brand Of Gas Grill Easy To Use?

Smoke hollow grills are popular for its advanced performance and allow you to prepare foods without the need to use wood or coal. You can use the grills on a terrace or garden without any problems. The grills don’t create smoke that can become an excellent ally for barbecues at home or outdoors. Also, the grills are easy to clean by removing drip cups and drip pan with side hand. The grills are easy to move anywhere with handle and wheels.

Why Should You Buy Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill?

You should have a smoke hollow grill for its versatile use and several advantages. They are:

  • The first thing about smoke hollow grills is the speed of ignition. Just press a button and wait about 5 minutes to get started. This helps to make the task of cooking faster and with much more margin when improvising.
  • Smoking is not unpleasant for many people, but for those people who find it uncomfortable. In that case, the gas grills are perfect. They do not generate over smokes during ignition, even during cooking, which makes them much healthier.
  • With other grills, you need to place the charcoal evenly on each side of the grill so that the heat is well distributed. With the gas, it is not necessary because by pressing some buttons, you can turn on one area or the other of the grills.
  • The grill runs with liquid propane gas, which is safe for the environment and easy to find anywhere. The heat level of the grills is adjustable with the heat control regulator, and most of the grills have an ignition switch that allows them to start grill quickly.
  • The gas grills are portable. You can move them anywhere with heat resistant handle and lockable wheels.

For these advantages, you should have a Smoke Hollow grill that makes your parties more delightful. So, buy the best one from the above-reviewed grills that best suits your needs.

Note: Here, we have presented Smoke Hollow portable gas grill reviews with details. We have other articles about another brand like smoke hollow that you will get in the royal gourmet gas grill reviews article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about smoke hollow grills.

Is Smoke Hollow a good brand?

Yes. Smoke hollow is a good brand that manufactures various types of grills and cooking accessories.

Is smoke hollow made by MasterBuilt?

Outdoor Leisure Products founded the brand Smoke Hollow. A few years ago, MasterBuilt acquired the brand.

Who makes smoke hollow grills?

Outdoor Leisure Products make the Smoke Hollow grills.

Final Thought

Smoke Hollow grills are the best-selling gas grills and stand out for being fast, efficient, and at a reasonable price. Above the article, we have presented 3 Smoke hollow portable gas grill reviews, and I would like to suggest Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25″ Railing on Pontoon Boats w/Arnall’s Stainless Grill that is designed for Pontoon boat railing. Also, you can use the grill for home and outdoor parties, camping, and tailgating. It’s U shaped burner can produce 12000 BTUs of heat using propane gas, and the burner can be started quickly with an ignition switch. It has a heat resistant handle, foldable legs, and a lid that allows the grill to take with you comfortably.

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