What To Do With Old Gas Grill?

If you’re keen to replace your old gas grill, you have to follow some specific rules to dispose of it. Some parts of a gas grill are hazardous to nature. It may cause a lot to the environment if you throw it out randomly. Even you will encounter extreme trouble by storing an old gas grill in your home. What to do with old gas grill? How can you dispose of the unnecessary ones?

You have to take responsibility for disposing of your grill. Moreover, you can deal with a company to recycle all the parts. We’ve discussed everything elaborately in the following sections. If you spend a few minutes here, you could realize what you should do with the useless grill.

What To Do With Old Gas Grill?

You can use a gas grill for a certain period. It will need regular maintenance and proper replacement after using for years. If you want to stay safe from any possible issues, you must prosecute legal disposal. What to do with old gas grill? There are several approaches to take into account to dispose and recycle of a grill. First of all, you have to focus on the propane tank. The tank is hostile to nature- it emits polluted elements to the environment. Hence, you can’t put it away or store it indoors for a long time.

What To Do With Old Gas Grill?

In this case, you can sell the tank to a professional propane dealer. Besides, you can contact the hazardous waste specialist to find the suggestion of proper disposal. Before handing the tank over to a company or individual, you must assure it’s thoroughly empty. You have to ensure the grill doesn’t ignite. To have the best disposal relief, you can contact the local fire department.

The rest of the parts of a flat top grill are made of plastic and metal. You can dispose of these elements at ease. Many recycling companies use these as scrap metal. So, you can undoubtedly deal with an established company. The propane hose and wheel can’t be recycled. At this point, you have to keep these parts with the regular rubbish. You can keep the ignition wires and electric controllers with your regular electric waste. In a word, you must manage the proper disposal of your gas grill to overcome any unexpected incident.

How Do You Dispose Of And Recycle Your Old Gas Grill?

If you’ve already bought a new gas grill, there is no use for the old one. You have to dispose of the previous one to stay safe. How do you dispose of and recycle it? You need to adopt some footsteps to get everything going well. Otherwise, you will fall in severe danger due to various reasons. Some of the efficient methods of disposing and recycling a grill are given below:

How Do You Dispose Of And Recycle Your Old Gas Grill?

Remove The Tank

Removing the tank is the first task to perform before jumping into the disposal campaign. You need to turn the valve off and disconnect the gas grill to do so. Make sure the tank is empty and doesn’t ignite any longer.

Dismantle The Grill

Before disposing or recycling an older grill, you have to disassemble it. It will take a little time, but you must do it with much care.  You need to remove the rock gate, igniter, cooking grates, and other components. Then try to dispose of the segments as per the following directions.

Sell The Grill Body To A Metal Recycling Company

The body of a gas grill is predominantly made of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. These materials are recyclable. You can sell these to scrap metal dealers to have proper disposal. They will modify these to use the new metal product.

Dispose Of The Grill Lid With Regular Garbage Waste

The grill lid comes with plastic sides or handles. Most of the plastic doesn’t feature the recycle logo. Hence you can dispose of the plastic lid with your regular garbage waster. On the contrary, if it consists of metal, you can give it to the scrap metal dealers.

Dispose Of The Grill Lid With Regular Garbage Waste

Keep The Propane Hose And Side Shelves With Domestic Garbage

The side shelves are not suitable for melting down and producing a new product. It doesn’t feature any recycling mark; you have to keep it with domestic garbage. The propane hose is also unfit to recycle. You can dispose of it with regular waste.

Place The Batteries And Electronics With Consumer Electronics

You can either remove or dispose of the batteries and electronics parts. These can be placed with the other household electronics waste. You can contact the local municipality for safe e-waste disposal.

Give The Lp Tank To A Propane Gas Dealer

You can give the tank to any gas dealer to stay risk-free. They will reuse it as scrap metal. Moreover, it’s reusable with various exchangeable programs. The casters can be disposed of by placing them with the regular garbage.

Final Thoughts

Like other home appliances, you need to replace a gas grill as well. You must adopt the legal and safe disposal method of the grill.  What to do with old gas grill? You don’t need to use an older one if you own a new one. It may be dangerous to you if you keep it unwisely anywhere. However, you have already found the most satisfactory answer by this time.

You must follow the given directions to have environment-free disposal. Moreover, you will be financially benefited by following these steps.  So, try to dispose of all the segments of the grill to protect the environment.

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